Season 1,

TGSP 101: Organic vs Conventional Cannabis & TGOD

September 20, 2017


0:00-1:55  Jeremy introduces TGSP and we hear from Dr. Jeff Raber of The Werc Shop. Dr. Jeff Faber has been releasing intriguing studies about the use of pesticides in Cannabis.

1:55-2:45  Jeremy asked how Cannabis is tested. Dr. Raber explains how these testings take place. He explains that doctors and regulators have decided that cannabis needs to be tested to ensure public safety.

2:45-5:55  Dr. Raber talks about why these “pesticides” should only be used on ornamental plants. They look for well over 60 different molecules in various levels and why its a challenge to get that right. Dr. Raber says that they know what the oral consumption of these pesticides look like but more testing needs to be done in the combustion studies. Dr. Raber says they don’t have enough data on inhalation, but they are working on that. He say’s when no one was checking it was more about getting to market, but now people are being more aware of the practises to bring higher quality cannabis to market.

5:55-6:51 Jeremy explains how the organic food trend may relate to cannabis. Dr. Raber explains that if you can get a third party certification of organic practises, it does at product value and give greater assurance to the consumer. He says labs can only detect a certain levels but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t used or not there. Dr. Raber thinks that certification will be rewarded by the consumers. He says that if growers can get there, he thinks it would be very smart right now.

6:52-9:30 Jeremy introduces Csaba Reider, a consumer expert and President of The Green Organic Dutchman. Csaba says that its a matter of choice for the consumer, that up until this point there hasn’t been enough supply. He explains that its a hard path to take and explains why TGOD has went into this space specifically. Mr. Reider says consumers will pay for organic product. Csaba introduces concentrated infusion and explains that some people have the illusion that those are safer products but that it may just concentrate the pesticides. Csaba explains that there are new technologies coming. There will be more opportunities with science and water soluble products. Csaba references David Perron, TGOD‘s master grower.

9:30-10:35 Jeremy introduces David Perron. Perron explains his history in the industry and explains how he has seen the product of organic cannabis first hand. He explains that if the plant is grown with pesticides that this can go into your blood stream, and for a patient that may not be the best way to success. He explains that NOVA fungicide turned into Cyanide when combusted.

10:35-11:36 Jeremy explains that the comparison of conventional beside organic is really hard to compare. David speaks to this point explaining that you can see the difference in quality side by side. He explains that when grown in an organic way, the nature of the plants real quality is present. He says the quality of THC etc means a clean product. David also mentions that the genetic potential of the plant shows in test results, releasing 27.5%THC in these plants with huge terpene quality.

11:36-12:39 Jeremy speaks about why The Green Organic Dutchman is at the forefront of the industry, and what they are doing to invest in the future or their investors and users. David explains the process of coming to TGOD and that their team has unique expertise that will propel the company to the forefront of organic cannabis and much more. He speaks about having constructive discussions, and how that has shaped the plans of expansion.

12:40-13:40 Jeremy says Csaba came to the industry because TGOD’s plan with organic methods, and he says that this will be the differentiator in the market. Csaba explains that they will cover 60-70% of the Canadian market and $2B in sales with facilities being built out. He says that they have to start thinking about sending product abroad and why it was so important to go the organic way and why he came to the company. He says organic will be important for everything they do, from a bud to oil to edibles and soft drinks.

13:40-15:35 Jeremy explains that he was intrigues about Csaba’s plan for TGOD. Csaba explains how he first heard about the market and going into he consumer sides. He explains about working with COTT beverages, and what it was like to work in a private label industry. The consumer generally believed that private label meant poor quality in the beverage industry, this made him strive to be the best and lowest cost provider. Csaba says they have to prove to the market that they are just as good, if not better than the brand. Csaba explains about taking costs out of the business to run lean model and how he is applying this to TGOD.

15:35-19:17 Jeremy says the largest costs are power and labour. TGOD says they have a plan, working with alliance partners to ensure cost reduction. Csaba explains how they went about this, working with power companies ,various construction and greenhouse companies. He says these alliance partners experience can translate into low cost efficiency, specifically for their industry. Csaba explains electric costs and labour in both the markets they are developing. TGOD will be implementing natural gas to its facility in Ontario will take them from $0.13 to $0.05 for power costs, a significant cost reduction they can pass on to investors and consumers. The expansion of TGOD’s Quebec facility will be automated to reduce costs the same way. Csaba explains why they went to Ontario and Quebec to build their facilities, and how they worked with the people on the ground and asked for help.

19:17- Jeremy compares TGOD to other producers. Explaining that many rely on funding from huge institutions who control the companies decisions. TGOD is taking a different approach, people are intrigues and they expect over 4000 individual investors who will then turn into clients and want to grow with the company. Csaba says what they envisioned, a company who wanted to be retail. They wanted those retail customers to be their customers, and how that base will become their consumer and biggest advocates. He says its takes a plan and long term, the patients and customers are the most valuable thing a company has. TGOD is currently raising more funds for expansion and you can learn more here. If this passionate leadership interests you, feel free to get into touch with us, and we can put you in touch with the company. We look forward to hearing more from TGOD and will have them back on TGSP as they continue to grow.

Update: Feb 1, 2018: TGOD is on target to IPO in March 2018.
Read their 2018 Q1 Report HERE

TGOD financing update.

Here is TGOD’s presentation.

To speak with an advisor familiar with TGOD, please contact:
David S. Kearnes

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