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TGSP 102: Brett Wilson’s take on the Cannabis Industry

October 10, 2017

Show Notes:

1:00-3:14 Jeremy introduces Brett Wilson to TGSP. Brett say’s its possible to succeed in business without losing your principals. Brett goes on to talk about his point of differentiation on CBC’s Dragon’s Den: he tends to invest in the jockey and not the horse. Brett says in business you have to be able to adapt to the market as it unfolds and evolves.

3:15-4:30 After years of investing in the energy sector, Brett says there was a moment where he realized what an opportunity the Cannabis industry really is. Brett says about a year and a half ago, there was a light that went off and he says that light meant this industry was more than inevitable- it’s becoming mainstream. He says the question was does 2% or 10% of our population use Cannabis? It’s much larger than most people would think, he says.

4:30-5:07 Brett says not only will he invest in the industry but that he has fallen in love with the unique stories and people within it. He says he needs hours to explain his passion for the industry. Unique characters, business, and opportunities coming his way.

5:07-7:56 Becuase Cannabis was an illegal drug, and in many places it still is, Brett says he wants to see more research and to really understand the benefits and the downsides. Brett talks about anecdotal studies out there. Brett says the evolution is to bring proper discipline to the medical research of cannabis, and reasonable age and consumption.

7:56-10:45 Jeremy says that the Government of Canada plans to have relatively high restrictions on branding and a way that makes Cannabis use attractive to youth. Jeremy asks Brett if this will impact the plans some companies are trying to execute. Brett askes how we can brand with the sheer stupidity of government involvement. He says we could have a flourishing industry, with government control. Brett talks about a company he invested in, Tokyo Smoke.

10:45-12:30 As the Cannabis industry evolves, he can only base the industry on his own experiences, like the time he took a cookie with his daughter. He says the stigma is being removed, and the question of morality is being removed. Brett says there is a huge increase of acceptance inside the medical community.

12:30-13:45 As we continue to explore the industry on TGSP, I find it fascinating that there are so many opportunities inside the market, it’s not just about bud and oil anymore. Brett took a portfolio approach to his investments inside the industry, ensuring he is diversified. He says that about 30 different investments, ranging from delivery to consulting servicing firms.

13:45-15:35 Brett has no plans to stop investing in Cannabis, and he talks about the fund he and colleagues put together, Green Acre Capital. What’s the strategy? Brett says they want to invest in different channels within the industry, non-LP investments.

15:35-17:50: As continue to look at investment strategy, Jeremy says there is a lot of money to be made in the industry but also a lot of money to be lost. We asked Brett what his strategy would be like if he was an average Joe investing his hard earned money into this new sector.

17:50- Jeremy signs off.

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