Season 1,

TGSP 103: An interview with Brian Vicente, the man who started it all in Colorado.

October 17, 2017

This week on TGSP: we interview Brian Vicente. Brian was the co-author of Amendment 64, which allowed for Colorado’s marijuana legalization. What happened, where are we now, and what would he do differently.

0:00-1:19: Jeremy introduces Brian Vicente

1:19-2:20: Why Brian first got into the Cannabis Industry

2:20-3:25: Where is the tax revenue going from Cannabis in Colorado?

3:30-5:00: Brian talks to TGSP about the great stigma and where the industry is going now, years later.

5:00-6:40: Brian on Colorado’s voting population and what they want. Plus, Brian talks about a recent fundraiser at his law firm and why Politicians are taking notice to Cannabis.

6:48-7:55: Brian talks about Trump’s White House, and Jeff Sessions.

8:00-9:06:  Brian represents hundreds of clients in the Cannabis industry, so what does he tell his clients in times of uncertainty? Hint: Compliance

9:12-10:15: Brian says forget about the Camel ads, we need to be smart about marketing cannabis.

10:15-11:36 If Brian had to do it all over again, what would he do differently?

Check out the work Brian continues to do here.


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