Season 1,

TGSP 104: Cannabis in the UK, Jon Liebling & MP Paul Flynn

October 24, 2017

Show notes:

1:23-4:02 Jeremy introduces Jon Liebling to TGSP. Jon explains why he was in need of access to medical cannabis and explains the medical system in the UK. Jon also explains about the pharmaceuticals he was given by his doctor instead.

4:02-5:45 Jon explains why the UPA was started, he also talks about switching the focus to advocacy.

5:45-7:56 Jeremy asks Jon about stigma, as recent reports show most of the UK population supports decriminalization. Also discussed- the population is changing, people are talking about cannabis with their doctors.

7:56-10:13 Jon talks about cannabis at the government level and their standardized response. He says this all has to do with a simple definition of medicine in the UK: a single compound with a single purpose.

10:13-12:44 We ask Mr. Liebling for a lay of the land of politics in the UK. We wanted to better understand who is for what, and which parties are campaigning on change. Jon introduces MP Paul Flynn to the audience, someone who has been challenging Parliment on Cannabis.

12:45-14:33 Jeremy introduces Paul Flynn, the 82-year-old MP who has been calling on people to consume cannabis on Parliment in protest of their ancient laws. Paul speaks to us from his Parliamentary office.

14:33-17:38 Jeremy talks to Paul about addiction in the UK on opioids and what the UK is trying to do. He says there is an acceptance to pharmaceuticals in the UK and what changes that need to take place.

17:38-19:05 Paul Flynn talks to TGSP about possible tax revenue and the importance of understanding legalization of cannabis in the UK. Paul says Britain won’t be allowed to have their heads buried in the sand for much longer on this issue.

19:05-19:59 Jeremy asks where Paul thinks the Cannabis industry will be (in the UK) within two years.

Catch the end of Episode 4 for more on the ground coverage of what took place at the protest.

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  1. Civil disobedience makes sense!

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