Season 1,

TGSP 107: Mason Walker & CBD

November 21, 2017

This week on TGSP: We speak with Mason Walker about CBD (cannabidiol), the drug that is making a splash as it has no psychoactive effects and a variety of medical benefits.


0:00-1:00- Jeremy introduces this week’s TGSP.

1:02-2:50 Jeremy introduces Mason Walker, East Fork Cultivars, who tells us about CBD and what it does.  Mason touches on the science behind CDB.

2:50-3:59 Jeremy talks about the questions he gets about CBD, like does it get you high? Mason talks about the nonpsychoactive effects that CBD has on the body. Mason also explains the difference between THC and CBD.

4:00-5:00 Mason explains that there is a lot of research coming out of Israel for a medical opportunity to use CBD to help treat Epilepsy, Parkinsons, inflammation and more.

5:00-7:40 Jeremy talks about the research done in Israel and we hear from Raphael Mechoulam about the research he has been doing. He explains that Cannabis has been used for thousands of years.

7:57-9:19 Mason Walker estimates over 500 cannabis products on the market in Oregon today.

9:20-11:30 Jeremy and Mason talk about “superweed” and Mason provides the clearest explanation of this problem- take a listen!

11:30-14:08 Mason talks about CBD Certified, the new program him and East Fork Cultivators has put forward to educate the front line workers in Oregon to educate. He wants to bring this program to the masses.

Thanks for tuning in this week. This is our first TGSP episode on CBD- we plan on taking an extensive look into cannabidiol with more researchers and experts in the future, including Raphael Mechoulam. Stay tuned!

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