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TGSP 108: LDS & CannaStrips vs Edibles

December 14, 2017

This week on TGSP, we speak with Brad Eckenweiler who is the CEO of Lifestyle Deliver Systems (LDS). Brad and his team bring us a revolutionary sublingual delivery product, called CannaStrips. We also speak with Doctor Bonni Goldstein, she runs a large clinic in Los Angeles and has a new book out called “Cannabis Revealed. Doctor Goldstein explains edibles and her and her patient’s preference for sublingual products.


0:00-2:30 Jeremy introduces the show.

3:07-6:43 Jeremy introduces CannaStrips and LDS, a perfectly dosed sublingual strip, Brad Eckenweiler goes on to talk about the story of LDS. Brad goes on to speak about the delivery system created for their patients.

6:43-8:11 We hear from Brad about their goal in achieving an affordable, superior product. He gets into the specifics about how that takes place.

8:11-11:49 How important is a dosage and providing a clean/discreet product which doesn’t stress the liver? We hear about the effects that edibles can have on the liver and why CannaStrips is a better alternative.

11:49-14:26 We hear from Dr. Bonni Goldstein about her patients who use cannabis. She explains that there are alternative ways of using cannabis outside of the traditional flower and edibles.

14:26-17:01 Dr. Goldstein goes on to explain why edibles work the way they do and explains that the results can be inconsistent and un-nerving. She talks about sublingual and why it can be less variable and a quicker solution.

17:01-19:40 Brad explains the structure of the delivery system and why they know how their products dosage is correct. He goes on to explains the pharmaceutical approach they took.

19:40-23:06 Jeremy talks about the products available in California and their problem with contaminants. Brad talks about their fully vertical approach for the company.

23:06-25:25 Jeremy talks to Brad about Adelanto California, the town they operate in and are planning substantial growth.

25:25-27:42 We hear about the different products available from CannaStrips.

28:10- Show sign off with Jeremy.

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