Season 2,

TGSP 202: Nevada & Senator Tick Segerblom

January 16, 2018

This week on TGSP: we explore Nevada’s growing Cannabis market and we interview a man some say helped create it, Senator Tick Segerblom.


0:00-1:51 Jeremy explains Nevada and Senator Tick Segerblom’s history of involvement in the community.

1:51-2:50 We hear from the Senator on public opinion and how the industry evolved in the state of Nevada.

2:50-4:55 Senator Tick Segerblom explains what took place back in the 60’s and talks about minority communities being targeted. We also discuss public opinion.

4:55-6:39 Tick explains how he became the face of the industry and goes on to explain that it was a group effort.

6:39-10:01 Most people saw the headlines, a cannabis shortage upon legalization. We ask the Senator what happened.

10:01-11:00 Jeremy and Tick explain the Las Vegas casino system, and why they cannot be associated with an “illegal” drug.

11:00-12:28 We hear a backgrounder on the revenue that the government is taking in, Tick talks about job growth and how the industry has built up in Nevada.

12:28-13:50 We hear Tick’s pitch to business, he says Nevada has the best laws for the cannabis space.


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