Why Marketing Cannabis Is A Conundrum In Canada

A creative communications strategy is the most effective way to amplify a brand’s message. Most reporters from the mainstream media have only recently been introduced to the cannabis industry and will look to PR professionals to act as advisors and educators. In many spheres, cannabis companies will have to combat ingrained prejudice and stigma, a hangover from centuries of prohibition and will need to not only legitimize their brand, but the industry itself.

TGSP 207: The Herbal Chef

This week on TGSP: We speak with Chris Sayegh, the Owner & Head Chef of The Herbal Chef. This company and Chris’s team are shaking up the culinary world. This Michelin trained chef is bringing cannabis to the culinary world through high-end dining and events around the globe. Show Notes: 0:00-1:01: Jeremy introduces the episode.…