Allow us to introduce our friends over at

Focused on cannabis culture, Primo is an online retailer and lifestyle brand bridging Western Canada and California. Aside from pushing daily knowledge-focused content, they’re blasting constant heat with limited edition clothing and high-end accessory drops. Just wait till you see their rolling trays made out of imported Italian leather. Roll a blunt or get your vape pen, get ready. Once you’re ready please click the image below.

Although their brand philosophy might seem like a response to the over saturation of corporate figureheads running the cannabis market in Canada. It’s not. Speak to their team about “stigma,” they’ll say “what stigma?” Stigma never existed in the eyes of those that are actually part of the industry.

Up until 2 months ago, it was a black market, and cannabis culture spawned from this environment. But today, new cannabis brands pop up once a week that look like the offspring of Lululemon and Whole Foods.

“We’re Established Underground, raising the voice of authenticity that’s created cannabis culture.” Follow these guys and stay up to date with their content. An authentic voice is hard to come by.